Our Team

Executive Team

Bill Kennedy

Executive Director / bill.kennedy@ftnc.org

In Home Mentoring

Nancy Deputee

Home Visiting Director / nancy.deputee@ftnc.org

Linda Deputy

Home Visitor / linda.deputy@ftnc.org

Parent Education

Kathlinda Bettise

Parent Education Intake Coordinator / kathlinda.bettise@ftnc.org

Crystal Hanson

Parent Education Facilitator

Shalya Adams

Parent Education Facilitator

Family Advocates

Carla Small

Post Natal Family Advocate / carla.small@ftnc.org


Abby Snow-peck

Childcare Director / abigail.snow-peck@ftnc.org

Janel Russette

Childcare Assistant Director 

Childcare Staff

Dajan Deputee

Sam Stahl

Terrilyn Briggs

Respite Care

Chelsey Moon

Respite Care Provider

Supervised Parent Visiting

Caitlin Prindle

Supervised Parenting Coordinator / caitlin.prindle@ftnc.org

Montana Women’s Prison Parenting Program

Kendra Miller

Montana Women’s Prison Parenting Program Director / kendra.miller@ftnc.org

Kelly Hahn

Family Advocate / kelly.hahn@ftnc.org

Office & Administrative Team

Kelli Tucker

Office Manager / kelli.tucker@ftnc.org


Peggy Rued / peggy.rued@ftnc.org

To contact us, please use our contact page on this website, or call us at (406) 252-9799, or stop by and visit Monday through Friday. 8:00am-5:00 pm