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Child Abuse Prevention Centers of Montana

Family Tree Nurturing Center and the The Parenting Place in Missoula collaboratively form Child Abuse Prevention Centers of Montana, an affiliate of the National Exchange Club. Child Abuse Prevention Centers of Montana work toward our mission: to Prevent the Abuse and Neglect of Montana’s Children and includes all forms whether physical or emotional.

We recognize our power to help create the kind of state we want to live in. We also recognize that when all children do not have equal opportunity for healthy growth and development, we put our future as a society at risk.

Because of the work being accomplished via the National Exchange Club Chapter Network, we know that there are many effective child development efforts being implemented around the country. There are services to focus on shaken baby syndrome prevention, sexual safety and child sexual abuse prevention, peer abuse and bullying prevention, and many more. It is our intention to continue to support and expand these services. 

We will continue to focus on innovative and needed services that lay the foundation for children’s growth and development. We stress this because it is a necessity when we consider the need to reduce the possibility of more serious problems occurring later for these children.

Our vision is a state in which no child is ever abused or neglected. We believe that with the help from the public, policy-makers, and corporate partners, that this idea can be made a reality.

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Together, we can prevent child abuse…

Because childhood lasts a lifetime.